Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shantanu • Brand • Finale

The best way to start the new year ≤ get a new symbol! I have been working on this one for quite some time and finalized on this form just a few days ago after a long rejection process. (I will upload the alternative option, that was rejected, soon)

Why the transition?, you may ask. Well, I was just simply bored and wanted to give it a new look. The godat99 symbol now seemed old and I wanted to do something with my initials. Hence I chose this abstract form of a 'SS' ambigram. Its clean, simple and like someone close pointed out: has a higher recall value.

So this is what the construction looks like (click on the image to get a larger view). The basic idea, as I mentioned earlier, was to create an abstract form of 'SS'. I chose a geometric approach and hence used a sturdy grid that encompassed the symbol comfortably in a circle to give it proper balance.

I hope this symbol brings me luck in this year and the years to come. I hope you guys liked the symbol. Any comments/feedback is welcome.

Thank you :)

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